About Us

National Middle East Language Resource Center (NMELRC)

Brigham Young University
214 HRCB
Provo, UT 84602
E-mail: nmelrc-research@byu.edu
Phone: (801) 422-7192 | FAX: (801) 422-0382

NMELRC's Directors

Dr. Kirk Belnap - Director and Chair of Arabic Board

Brigham Young University
E-mail: belnap@byu.edu
Phone: (801) 422-6531 | FAX: (801) 422-0382

Dr. Maggie Nassif - Administrative Director

Brigham Young University
Email: mnnassif@byu.edu
Phone: (801) 422-7192 | FAX: (801) 422-0382 Biography

Dr. Shmuel Bolozky - Chair of Hebrew Board

University of Massachusetts-Amherst
E-mail: shmuel.bolozky@judnea.umass.edu

Dr. Erika H. Gilson - Chair of Turkish Board

Princeton University
E-mail: ehgilson@princeton.edu

Dr. Kamran Talattof - Chair of Persian Board

University of Arizona
E-mail: talattof@email.arizona.edu


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