Arabic 101 - 102: 1st year Arabic courses on DVD

Two sets of DVDs, each containing studio-quality video of a full semester's instruction, are now available.
These DVDs can be used for any or all of the following purposes:

  1. To facilitate the professional development of instructors and teaching assistants through exposure to a master teacher of Arabic.
  2. To enrich the classroom or allow individual students to observe a highly interactive classroom.
  3. To model an innovative approach to learning Arabic in which students learn to use Spoken and Written Arabic in an effective and sociolinguistically authentic manner.

On-line support includes lesson plans and supplemental activities based on video clips recently shot in Egypt.
Training and consulting for institutions interested in starting up such a program can be arranged.

  • Arabic 101 comprises 20 DVDs with 59 lessons. It is available for $299.00 plus shipping.
  • Arabic 102 comprises 26 DVDs with 76 lessons. It is available for $358.00 plus shipping.
  • The complete first-year set is $657.

For more information contact NMELRC at (801) 422-7192 or

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