Erika Gilson, chair of Turkish board

Dr Erika H. Gilson received her Ph.D. in Turkology from the University of Pennsylvania, 1981. She is the executive secretary-treasurer of the American Association of Teachers of Turkic Languages. She is currently a Senior Lecturer in Turkish, Near Eastern Studies Department at Princeton University. Her research interests include language acquisition, instructional technology, language learning, SLA, and writing as an enabling activity. She has regularly received grants for AATT to improve Turkish language learning, such as the two-year project to develop with ACTFL guidance Proficiency Guidelines for Turkish, and the two-year project to develop its foundational "Turkish Language Learning Framework." She has also received grants to run the fellowship program for advanced language learning in Turkey. Under the National Critical Languages Initiative, she is developing intensive summer programs in Turkey to increase the capacity for in-country language study at the beginning and intermediate levels.

Some representative publications:

  • "Turkish and AATT Today and Twenty Years Ago: The Building of a Language Field," AATT Bulletin 20th Anniversary Special Issue (Portland State University: 2006).
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