Graduate Students

Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships--FLAS

The following National Resource Centers offer FLAS Fellowships in Middle Eastern Languages:
Columbia University
Duke University/University of N. Carolina
Georgetown University
George Washington University
Harvard University
Indiana University
New York University
Ohio State University
Portland State University
Princeton University
University of Arizona
University of California, Berkeley
University of California, Los Angeles
University of Chicago
University of Michigan
University of Pennsylvania
University of Texas
University of Washington
Yale University

U.S. Fulbright Student Program

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National Flagship Language Program: Arabic and Persian

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Critical Language Scholarship

Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) institutes provide fully-funded group-based intensive language instruction and structured cultural enrichment experiences for seven to ten weeks for U.S. citizen undergraduate, Master’s and Ph.D. students.

  • Arabic, Persian: Advanced beginning, intermediate or advanced level;
  • Azerbaijani, Bangla/Bengali, Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Punjabi, Turkish, Urdu: Beginning, intermediate or advanced level;
  • Chinese, Japanese, Russian: Intermediate or advanced level.

The CLS Program is part of a U.S. government effort to expand dramatically the number of Americans studying and mastering critical need foreign languages. Students of diverse disciplines and majors are encouraged to apply here