How to Register for Arabic without Walls

The National Middle East Language Resource Center (NMELRC) and Brigham Young University Independent Study is offering an award-winning hybrid online course for high school students. The high school implementation of Arabic without Walls, winner of the 2010 Distance Education Course Award and the 2012 K-12 Distance Learning Course Award, covers the basics of both spoken and written Arabic and enables students to acquire real-world communication skills. This process is facilitated by their working with an online tutor and a cohort of students who form an online learning community.

One-Day Camps and Three-Week Resedential Camps

The National Middle East Language Resource Center (NMELRC) offers intensive language camps in an effort to reach out to high school students across the nation, especially in underserved and rural areas. If your school is interested in hosting a day camp in your region, please contact us at Students interested in attending either a one-day or a three-week residential camp on the BYU campus during the summer, please see:

Following their camp experience, students are encouraged to continue studying Arabic in a highly interactive format via our asynchronous online courses, which includes regular live interaction with a BYU-based tutor who assists camp participants in moving forward as a community of online learners in a systematic fashion that results in their acquiring proficiency in using Arabic for real-world purposes.

For student success stories from our camps, see:
Isaac's Story
Sarah's Story
Tim Doner (To learn more about his story and how to become a more effective learner like these students, look in Implications of Brain Plasticity for Learners and Teachers of Arabic)



BYU is accredited through NWAC and DETC ( Students may receive high school credit for the online course (a university credit option is also available). To transfer the credit, students need to obtain school approval prior to enrollment.

To facilitate this, BYU Independent Study:

Time Commitment

To ensure good progress, students need to communicate regularly with the online tutor and their fellow students. They typically need to plan on spending at least 30 to 60 minutes focused study every day (individuals vary considerably in language learning aptitude).


The total cost of the program for one semester is $232 (not including books).

Required Books

Brustad, Alif Baa: Introduction to Arabic Letters and Sounds (with DVDs), 3rd edition
( 2010, 9781589016323 )
$59.95, Al-Kitaab Companion Website
$ 25.00

Brustad, Al-Kitaab fii Ta'allum al-Carabiyya Part 1, with DVDs: A Textbook for Beginning Arabic, 3rd edition
(2011, 9781589017368 )

Cost of 2nd, 3rd and 4th Semesters

No additional books are required in subsequent semesters, so the cost for each additional semester is $232 (course registration fee), plus $25 paid online at for continued access to the Al-Kitaab Companion Website. 

Are you ready to register? Please review the information above carefully.

I understand that:
  • I must check with my school counselor before registering to ensure that the credit for this course will transfer.
  • I understand that I will be registering for one semester of high school credit and that I must dedicate daily time to pass the course.
  • I understand that I must provide my high school ACT code if I wish BYU Independent Study to transfer information about my grades to my school.
To register and pay for the high school class please click here.
If you have any problems registering, please call 801-422-7192.