Professional Development

The NMELRC provides online webinars and video footage of master teachers modeling “Best Practices” from classes all over the United States and the Middle East in addition to supporting face to face workshops and conference sessions.

Arabic Without Walls

In order to supplement opportunities to study Arabic, Arabic without Walls has been developed as a distance learning course available for anyone, ranging from high school students to senior citizens.

Persian Resources

The NMELRC continues to provide resources for Persian students and teachers through online resources and standard-based curricula.

Middle East Language Learning in U.S. Higher Education: Ten Years after 9/11

This report provides information on enrollment trends, motivation and challenges encountered by students and teachers and recommends solutions for dealing with challenges.

Arabic Language DVD:

Designed to provide instruction for first-year Arabic learners, the DVD set provides a full first-year course filmed in professional quality.

Evaluation Projects

Building on the work of John Norris and in collaboration with the National Foreign Language Center at the U of Hawaii, the NMELRC provides tools to evaluate language programs in order to strategically grow and develop language programs.

Hebrew Language DVD:

Daily Life in Israel provides authentic material for listening and viewing comprehension.


NMELRC has developed proficiency online tests for Arabic, Hebrew, Persian and Turkish and will be handing over the bank to ACTFL for official release of the tests upon completion of the project. We are still in the process of piloting the tests free of charge. For more information on signing up your students for testing please contact nmelrc-research at byu dot edu

Turkish Language DVD:

Sevgili Murat is a feature film for intermediate students of Turkish that was purposefully filmed in Turkey.

Language Handbooks

Language handbooks provide tips and information for teachers, advisors, and students of Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, and Turkish.

One-Day Camps & Arabic Without Walls for High School Students

The National Middle East Language Resource Center (NMELRC) is pursuing a project, with funding from Qatar Foundation International, to reach out to high school students across the nation, especially in underserved and rural areas.

Self-Efficacy in Foreign Language Learning Webinar with Dr. Nicole Mills, Harvard University Friday, April 19th 2013

This webinar provides an overview of the construct of self-efficacy or an individual’s beliefs in his/her ability to perform a designated task or complete an activity, which is a strong predictor of future performance.

How to Register for Arabic without Walls

The National Middle East Language Resource Center (NMELRC) in cooperation with Qatar Foundation International and Brigham Young University Independent Study is offering an award-winning hybrid online course for high school students. The high school implementation of Arabic without Walls, winner of the 2010 Distance Education Course Award and the 2012 K-12 Distance Learning Course Award, covers the basics of both spoken and written Arabic and enables students to acquire real-world communication skills. This process is facilitated by their working with an online tutor and a cohort of students who form an online learning community.

Middle East Language Learning in U.S. Higher Education: Ten Years after 9/11

Thousands of American students want to acquire professional-level fluency in the languages of the Middle East, but relatively few actually succeed. Research we have conducted over the past eight years suggests that far more students could succeed. Middle East Language Learning in U.S.