Maggie Nassif, administrative director

Dr. Maggie Nassif has a PhD in Post-Colonial Theory from Cairo University, and a Masters in Comparative Literature from The American University in Cairo. She has graduate diplomas in Translation and Applied Linguistics/Foreign Language Teaching. In addition, Maggie Nassif has studied Business at the Wharton School of Business and ASU where she completed her MBA in 2005. She has taught Literature, Women's Studies, Writing, Translation, ESL and Business Culture. She has also held several executive positions as ESL Coordinator at the State University of New York, and Director of the Arabic Summer MBA Program for The Wharton School of Business/Lauder Institute. Maggie's main research interest is in cultural studies: women's issues, femminist  literature, material culture, pop culture, and business culture in the Middle East. She has more recently been involved in research on vocational training and job preparedness in global markets for students in the 21st century.

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