NMELRC and Western Consortium Workshop at UT Austin July 27-31, 2011

NMELRC, The Western Consortium and UT Austin hosted a five-day workshop on Program Building, Maintenance and Evaluation. The workshop, which took place at University of Texas-Austin in July, 2011 was led by: Mahmoud Al-Batal (Arabic), Suzan Ozel (Turkish), Pardis Minuchehr (Persian), Vardit Ringvald (Hebrew), Ben Rifkin, Dean of the College of New Jersey ( Methodology) and John Norris, University of Hawaii ( Evaluation). Topics discussed included: Developing program vision, goals, and learning outcomes, Bringing program vision to fruition, Enhancing motivation for students and teachers, Developing content-based instruction, Leveraging intensive study, Providing training opportunities for new and in-service teachers, Measuring success and focusing program resources, Using surveys for understanding and improving foreign language programs, and Utilizing Outcome based evaluation.

Selected Videos & Materials from the Workshop:

Part I : Language Program Building and Maintenance

Day 1 Wednesday July 27th, 2011
"Vision and Building Strong Middle East Language Program" Mahmoud Al-Batal
"Language Curriculum and Learning Outcomes in the Context of the American Liberal Arts Education" Benjamin Rifkin

Day 2 Thursday July 28th, 2011

"Developing a Program Vision: Engaging the Stakeholders" Benjamin Rifkin

Day 3 Friday July 29th, 2011

"Accountability and Sustainability: Carpe diem!" Ray Clifford and Kirk Belnap

Part II Language Program Evaluation: “Making the Most of Program Evaluation”

Keynote Address by John Norris - "High-value evaluation strategies in foreign language education "

Workshop by University of Hawaii team:

"Using surveys for understanding and improving foreign language programs" John Davis

Download the handbook here.

"Outcome-based Evaluation" Yukiko Watanabe & Bonnie Sylwester

Day 4 Saturday July 30th, 2011

U. of H. team - "Program changes as a result of college-wide outcomes assessment: Three years of assessment impact"

Martha Schulte-Nafeh - "Making the most of external evaluation in grant-funded projects and programs: How to achieve objectivity and utility"

Day 5 Sunday July 31st, 2011

Strategic planning session, facilitated by UH team - "The minimum that evaluation needs to accomplish in Middle East Language Programs"