Turkish Tutor Online

Turkish Tutor is an innovative self-paced online program that enables students to watch and listen to culturally nuanced vignettes from the popular Turkish television program Bizimkiler. The interactive lessons depict authentic situations at home, in the workplace or the market, and focus on themes such as greeting and leave-taking, gossip and shoptalk, traveling or consulting a doctor. Students work at their own pace, gaining myriad cultural insights as they navigate the multimedia website.

Each lesson consists of several short video clips which the learner can start, stop, rewind, fast forward or pause. Supplementary recordings of the dialogue spoken at slower and very slow speeds aid comprehension. Every scene is complemented by an audio glossary, exercises, games, and quizzes. Progress is monitored as the student advances from elementary to superior level.

Turkish Tutor is grounded in studies showing that listening comprehension greatly influences the acquisition of other language skills such as reading and writing. The project is endorsed by the American Association of Teachers of Turkic Languages.


Produced by the Center for Near Eastern Studies at the UCLA International Institute with funds from the U.S. Department of Education International Studies and Research Program.